At School Lettings Solutions we provide full lettings programme for schools, academies and colleges when it comes to maximising the use of their facilities to the local community during evenings, weekends and school holidays; whether the school is new to lettings or have existing lettings programmes. 

Our aim is simple –  to allow schools to make the most of their facilities and help provide local communities the access to sport, education and leisure opportunities.

SLS delivers the following in each of our partner schools:

Hire out your school at no cost

We work hard to relieve the strain of community lettings from the schools we work with, so their staff can focus on pupil attainment and day-to-day responsibilities in school. We achieve this by doing all the work for you at no cost to your school!

Our aim is simple – to allow schools to make the most of their facilities and help provide local communities with access to sport, education and leisure opportunities on school sites. Partnership, quality and innovation are three key aspects of our work and we are passionate and proud to be involved in improving and developing communities with our partner schools, academies and colleges.


“We have been working with SLS who have looked after our lettings since 2011. During this time, we have seen the income from lettings increase year on year. SLS market the facilities well, removing the administrative burden from the school, allowing us to focus on our core business of education.”
Lynn Hood , School Business Manager, Bishop Rawstorne
“SLS are a very professional company and great to work with; from the staff on the ground to the booking support.”
Stefanie Thwaite, PuddleDucks, Sir Tom Finney
“SLS have been a large part of the success of Fleetwood Town Community Trust. They are extremely reliable and offer fantastic lettings to the community.”
John Hartley , Fleetwood Town Community Trust, Cardinal Allen
“SLS have made booking rooms simple and affordable. The online booking system is easy to use and helps me keep track of all my rooms bookings and payments. The staff are welcoming, polite and are always willing to help out when needed. I am very happy with the customer service from SLS and would highly recommend this company.”
Louise Woodall , BounceFit, Our Lady's Catholic College


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