The National Education Union (NUE) recently published a bunch of stats around the state of education, with a particular focus on workload and work-life balance. While the toll teaching’s taking on teachers stole the headlines, the stress support staff are under perhaps slipped somewhat under the radar.

But we’re about to bring it to the fore.

The numbers

According to the NUE’s research, just over one quarter (26%) of school support staff said their work-life balance is worse now than it was two years ago, and 12% claimed it was much worse.

Catch 22-03The problem

It’s no secret that funding’s a very real problem in the education sector. To bridge this gap, one pretty popular way many schools, academies and colleges financially support themselves, is by letting out their spare space during the evening and weekend.

To do that yourself though, requires resource, time, and money. All of which are a luxury.

And, with support staff – like your caretakers and school business managers – already feeling the effects of a diminishing work-life balance, finding the manpower needed to facilitate your lettings to your fullest potential is a struggle, right?

If you put that pressure on your support staff, you risk jeopardising their wellbeing even further. But if you don’t, you miss out on the extra revenue that comes with the bookings. It’s a catch-22 situation.

The importanceCatch 22-01
Having a healthy and sustainable work-life balance is incredibly important

To name just a few, here are some of its benefits:

  • Maintaining mental health;
  • Ensuring physical health and wellbeing;
  • Increasing productivity;
  • Boosting morale and happiness;
  • Allowing peoples’ lives to be lived; and
  • Helping job retention rates.




The solution

Here at SLS, it’s our mission to make it possible for schools to maximise their space and their revenue – without adding to their already hectic workloads.

We achieve this by:

  1. Taking over day-to-day tasks, like managing bookings, making sure facility hire runs smoothly, and opening and closing the school site – all so school support staff don’t have to.
  2. Designing custom promotional material to help spread the word with standout leaflets, posters, and outdoor banners – without the cost of outsourcing it yourself.
  3. Getting your name out there by knocking on local clubs, groups and business’ doors and maintaining the schools social media profiles when it comes to lettings
  4. Giving you extra exposure by adding you to our site for everyone to see.The best bit? It doesn’t cost you a single penny. And when we say it’s free, we mean it’s free. There aren’t any hidden costs. You won’t be stung down the line. The deal really is just that good.For more information on what we already do for schools, and could do for you, head here.The benefit to you

It’s simple really. We enable you to make as much money as possible out of your spare space, all the while ensuring your support staff aren’t bearing the brunt of the extra use. It really is win, win all round.If you want to chat to someone about our school lettings solutions or you’re ready to sign up right now, you can reach the teamon 0330 100 5470 or