A spokesperson from School Lettings Solutions said:

“We’re very disappointed with the response around the statement issued by Ormskirk West End FC in relation to the football tournament. As a business, we’re passionate about increasing sports participation and our goal is providing much-needed additional funding to schools across the country. Since the business was founded in 2012, our lettings have provided more than £7m to schools across the country. We strongly believe schools and pupils should benefit from the revenue which can be generated from facilities being hired outside of school hours and have seen examples of schools opening facilities at a loss to the school. We work closely with our schools such as Ormskirk School to help provide a safer and more sustainable approach to lettings.

“The booking request which has received complaints was for 60 teams to be on school premises with more than 600 children playing football and up to 1,500 people on site over the course of the tournament, which totalled 19 hours of facility hire. As such, we would need to provide a minimum of three staff – which hasn’t been provided in previous years – to ensure the smooth running of the tournament and safety of all attendees.

“We are competitively priced in every school and region we enter and, following extensive research in each area, typically charge a below market rate as we’re committed to building a sustainable model for schools, communities and hiring groups. The cost of £1,000 for facilities hire for the 60-team weekend tournament is calculated from direct staffing costs, revenue for the school and booking management.

“Across the country, we have numerous examples of grassroots teams which would not be able to exist without our partnership with schools in their area. Something we’re all very proud of as life-long sports fans. We’re in ongoing conversations with Ormskirk West End FC and Ormskirk School and welcome any direct questions or conversations around the service we provide.”

Please direct any questions or concerns to School Lettings Solutions’ Director Scott Warrington scottwarrington@schoollettings.org or Operations Director Russell Teale russellteale@schoollettings.org.