We’ve moved offices!


School lettings provider, SLS, has relocated its head office operations to WeWork’s latest shared workspace in Manchester – Dalton Place – with a combination of fixed office and hotdesking spaces for its team across the UK.

Founded in 2012 by Scott Warrington and Paul Andrews, SLS provides a full lettings solution for more than 250 schools, academies and colleges across the UK to maximise the use of their facilities to the local community during evenings, weekends and school holidays.

By supporting educational facilities to make spaces available to local groups out-of-hours, SLS has generated nearly £5m of revenue into schools in the 2018/19 academic year, when funding and staffing pressures are at an all-time high. The fast-growing enterprise now employs people across the UK, as well as welcoming nearly 10,000 community groups into facilities every year.

The new headquarters marks a significant milestone in the company’s impressive journey so far and will provide a central base for head office staff, as well as a hub for regional managers with more accessible transport links to major regions.

Scott Warrington, director and co-founder of SLS, said: “The decision to move our head office came after careful consideration of our needs for the next stage of growth. The flexibility of shared workspaces is a real benefit – we’re a modern company and we’ve focused on building an agile structure so our team can move around the country and provide a continuous level of support to all of our partner schools and onsite managers.

“We know what we’re doing is working and is highly valued by schools because of the additional revenue stream we’re able to generate. We’re also focused on building better links with the local communities to make a real difference through initiatives like our Active Community competition.

“The schools we work with have big aspirations and we share those wholeheartedly. The business has continued to grow quickly and we’re focused on supporting even more schools across the UK to deliver that valuable revenue back into the local communities they serve.”