Manor Park Primary School, Surrey – School Space As A Community Resource


Manor Park Primary School, in Surrey, is Outstanding not just in its academic achievements, but in its relationship with the community, holding its parent and school partnership in high regard. Benefitting from a range of excellent facilities, including three halls and sports pitches, the school believes strongly in keeping the doors open to the community, allowing a diverse range of groups to benefit from the space available.

Yet while the school has always hired its facilities, the unsociable hours and necessity for someone to work seven days a week, opening and closing the premises in the evenings and every weekend, meant that the school struggled to find people willing to take on the role.

School Lettings Solutions (SLS) offered a solution.

Overcoming staffing challenges

SLS partnered with Manor Park Primary School in May 2017, instantly solving its resourcing issues and ensuring the school could continue to open its gates to a diverse range of groups, maximising the facilities and safeguarding what is a welcome additional revenue stream.

The school successfully hosts a range of groups, from sports through to language classes, baby and mother relaxation workshops and Indian dance classes – a valuable community resource.

Its partnership with SLS has allowed the school to overcome staffing issues to achieve continuity of services, while benefiting from marketing expertise that secures continued interest in school facilities. The staff are able to concentrate on what they do best, comfortable in the knowledge that all administration associated with facilities hire is taken care of, with someone on-site evenings and weekends to open-up, supervise and make the premises secure at the end of the day.

Diane Rowsome, School Business Manager, said: “Our partnership with SLS removes all of the hassle associated with hiring our facilities – we no longer have to worry about covering people who can’t make it in on an evening or a weekend, so that removes a lot of worry. We’ve worked with SLS for more than a year now and have had no problems whatsoever – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other schools looking for a reliable, trusted facilities hire partner.”