Real-life Fortnite boosts activity levels and school funding


Nearly 5,000 schoolchildren have competed nationally to make it to the final 50 who will travel across the country today to compete for the title of the ultimate real-life Fortnite champion.

Matt Goodman, who is group managing director at Futsal Partnership, created the real-life Fortnite group to encourage kids who would not typically be into sports to get active, compete and join in an extra-curricular activity. The championships were launched on the back of the business’ hugely popular Fortnite holiday camps which have been attended by nearly 25,000 children.

The final will take place at St Peter’s Academy in Stoke on Trent. The school is managed by School Lettings Solutions (SLS), which works with nearly 300 schools across the UK to attract sports clubs, groups and bookings such as the Fortnite championships deliver funding back into schools by hiring leisure facilities. More than £10m has been generated and given back to schools since 2012.

Matt Goodman from Futsal Partnership said: “As an organisation we work with schools, town and city councils on a wide range of projects to tackle big issues such as increasing activity, combatting holiday hunger and tackling obesity. We came up with the idea of turning popular video games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite into a real-life physical game to encourage children – who perhaps aren’t into other sports – to get active.

“It’s been a huge success with nearly 25,000 children taking part to date and culminating in the national championships in Stoke and more than two-thirds of people who attend once will come back again to the school holiday camps. We’ve also seen a fantastic response from children with special educational needs, accounting for around 20% of our attendees – we put this down to the fact we’ve created a truly inclusive activity and environment.

“SLS is the perfect platform for Futsal Partnership.  As we’ve scaled across the UK, we need to ensure a certain quality standard and have a central point for bookings, payments and enquiries. SLS is a professional partner and we look forward to continuing to work with the team as we grow.”