International Women’s Day: A spotlight on Ormskirk Netball


At SLS, we see countless inspiring women and female-led groups every day. From Nikki Breslin, our Active Community 2019 winner who founded Rebound Therapy with Nikki, a group that provides therapeutic exercise for children SEN, autism and physical disabilities, to hundreds of SLS employees who inspire us every single day.

Today, on International Women’s Day, we put a spotlight on Ormskirk Netball, a female netball club that focuses on the mental wellbeing of its members. Coach and founder of the group, Angela, shares what being part of a strong, supportive group of women means to her.

Angela explains: “As it’s International Women’s Day, I can’t help but reflect on how my club, Ormskirk Netball, has supported and empowered women over the last three years. A club with over 130 members from school year 1 to pension age, providing hours of fun for women and girls to improve their skills and fitness. With the ever-increasing issue of mental health challenges, we provide the opportunity for people to improve their mental wellbeing and escape the pressures of everyday life.  As well as the benefits of being more active, our members are immediately adopted into a large netball family environment and enjoy social interaction on and off the court!


“Many members at our Back 2 Netball and Walking Netball sessions have commented that it has changed their life for the better. A lot of our ladies are in professions in which they spend their days helping others, including nurses, GPs, paramedics, teachers, safeguarding officers, mothers, and housewives. The few hours a week at netball allows them to give a little time back to themselves.

“We couldn’t offer this group without the excellent service we get from SLS, in particular, Bec, who makes sure the facilities are second to none and Rachel who is on-site is super helpful, too.”

Rebecca Connick, School Leisure and Sports Manager at SLS, added: “Angela is one of the inspirational women who champion others – she strives to give girls and women a safe space to blossom and successfully runs a club that’s growing in numbers each week. Through this, she surrounds herself with other powerful women who are leading the way for the girls to be future leaders by setting an example for the next generation.

“Together they wiggle, jiggle, move and prove that judgement in both sport and everyday life is a barrier that we can overcome together.  I see the relationship they share with each other and the empowerment that this club gives every member and I’m proud to help host Ormskirk Netball at Ormskirk School. I am thankful for women like Angela who actively live the mantra of ‘supporting your sisters!’.”

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