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How to love your job


Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day. For most people this isn’t as easy as it sounds, sometimes it’s hard to know what you love. We spend a huge amount of our lives working and whilst having a successful career is important to some, enjoying what you do to achieve success is equally as important.

What makes you love your job?

The benefits of expressing gratitude are endless, reflecting upon the things we are thankful for has a positive impact on our lives. Look for the aspects of your job that you do like and the more you look for them, the more you love what you do!

We threw the question out to our colleagues and below are some of the reasons why they love what they do

“I get to do a job which suits me and I enjoy doing. I work across a few sites and assist clients with setting up and taking down of equipment in our facilities for clubs and groups who are booked in with us. I assist my managers with week and weekend setting up and help other team members when needed. I get to meet people from all walks of life as well as using my customer service skills. I love the fact you get support from the managers and SLS makes you feel a part of the company regardless of your role. My favourite part of the job is assisting with large functions at the schools, making sure clients have everything to make their functions run smoothly so they can enjoy their day without worry. What interested me in working for SLS was the fact they give back to the schools which helps the school to be able to provide more equipment for the children. After researching the company it looked like a fun and good company to work for. I’d recommend working at SLS to those who like meeting new people and different cultures and if you love customer service it’s the best company to work for!” Joanne Willis – Sports and Leisure Supervisor

“What I like most about SLS is that they are a young, forward thinking company growing rapidly with plenty of potential future opportunities. My favourite part of my job is the ability to work from home and the flexibility this brings, this allows me to make school runs and work around family life. I was interested in working for SLS because of the excitement about how the company was evolving and expanding and the promotion opportunities that this brings. As the Market Leader by quite a large margin with further exciting growth plans, to anyone wanting to join SLS I would say that they really go the extra mile for their staff, providing socials and incentives as well as schemes such as PerkBox to reward employees. They really care about the Work/Life balance”. Hopefully you’ve taken inspiration from our colleagues and can now think about what you do in you role, how can you tweak it to get the most out of it or maybe you over looked the little things and they’re actually what makes you love the job you already do." Gareth Cheadle – School Leisure and Sports Manager