How technology is transforming the way we work


Last week SLS co-founder Scott Warrington was invited by the Manchester Evening News to join a panel which looked at how the way we work is being transformed by tech.

It was a thought-provoking chat as technology has transformed School Lettings Solutions in recent months. The leisure sector has traditionally lagged behind other industries when it comes to using technology for the benefit of the customer. Scott writes:

We’ve recently launched a booking system which provides benefits for the schools and hiring groups we work with. Bookings can now be managed easily around the clock and can be accessed in real-time, which allows cancellations and amendments making our whole proposition more user-friendly. There was a lot of discussion at the event around AI and how some of today’s job roles will be redundant or will have to adapt. Use of AI within school lettings won’t be happening any time soon but the investment we’ve made in technology will improve our customer service by allowing managers more time to work directly with customers. Almost ironically, the technology improves the human interaction because people can focus on people.

When asked about why we’ve invested so heavily in the technology behind the business I shared how I felt it was our responsibility to take this on and transform the sector. There’s still a long way to go but we will always strive to innovate and create a more effective school lettings system for the benefit of schools and the communities they’re within.

Fast-forward to this week and we’ve seen World Mental Health Day and National Work Life Week and another theme from the event was how technology has changed the way organisations work too. The majority of our workforce is remote so finding ways to recreate workplace interactions digitally is crucial to our culture. Workplace by Facebook allows us to communicate and collaborate across our team of nearly 1,000.