From hospital trollies to treading the boards


Many of our bookings are related to sport and fitness, but we also help facilitate language schools, conferences, weddings, theatre groups and performances in our schools, which have a huge impact within their communities.

One such group is Mark Jeffers and the musical which will take place this evening at St Gregory’s High in Warrington. A nurse in the emergency unit at Warrington Hospital by day, Mark will tonight take to the stage in a performance called Emergency- Tales from the Trollies. The musical is set to showcase the important work which goes on behind the hospital curtains.

Raising funds for the Armed Forces Community Support Hub, Dementia UK, Halton Haven Hospice and St Rocco’s Hospice, Mark told the Warrington Guardian: “The trilogy is designed to entertain and also give our audience the chance to learn what magnificent support groups and charities are available, as well as raise vital funds.

The stories are all based on real events, and we have had technical support and advice from our charities to ensure we get the stories as authentic as possible.”