Bounding into the future with Nicola Breslin


This summer, Nicola Breslin became the first winner of our Active Community competition, which received over 440 entries in three months. Nikki’s win saw her being awarded a year’s free facility hire for her group, Rebound Therapy with Nikki, based in Merseyside, Liverpool. Find out what out Nikki’s been up to since the competition and how her win has caused a positive ripple throughout her group and beyond.

Nikki started her Rebound Therapy classes in May 2018 after she qualified in Rebound Therapy and Beyond Rebound training. Rebound Therapy, for those who haven’t come across it before, provides therapeutic exercise on the trampoline for children and young people with SEN, autism and physical disabilities.

After seeing Active Community appear on her Twitter feed, Nikki entered the competition, saying, “it would have been silly not to”. A month later, while on holiday, she received the news that she had won first prize, “I was shaking, crying, I couldn’t believe it. I shared the win on social media and the response from the student’s parents was amazing. I got so many messages from the local community congratulating me, it was lovely”, she said.

Thanks to her win, Nikki doesn’t have to worry about paying for the school facilities where she runs her classes for the next year. Instead, she can focus on putting the money back into her classes, which will allow her to hire more staff and put on more classes for students.

Nikki explained, “Rebound Therapy doesn’t just provide physical exercise, it can promote communication, self-esteem and confidence. 12 months ago, I started my classes with just four students and now I’ve got 24 students and a waiting list of a further 10 students. My new goal is to run after school sessions, in addition to the Saturday sessions, which will allow everyone to come along to a class.”

Nikki has since appeared in her local paper and has been interviewed on BBC Radio Merseyside, prompting the chairman of the international body for Rebound Therapy, Paul Vernon Kaye, to get in touch to congratulate Nikki and to offer to come visit her group to see them in action.

The future looks bright for Nikki and her students and we can’t wait to follow them on the rest of their journey.