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School Lettings Solutions is the number one choice for schools and academies who want to raise more funds by letting out their facilities to groups within the community.

So many schools have placed their trust in us to hire out their facilities and have been rewarded with additional income - at no extra cost to themselves. We are a partner to over 30 national sport/health/performing arts/education organisations, including Badminton England, Little Kickers, Soccer Sixes and Dodgeball UK. We offer tailor-made support to individual schools and our booking system couldn't be simpler. Hire out your school to the community and generate extra income today.

Partner Organisations


Relieve the strain of community lettings

So staff can focus on pupil attainment and day-to-day responsibilities in school.


We do all the work for you at no cost to your school!

It can be very time-consuming and costly for schools to try and hire out their facilities themselves.


Over 200 schools and over 30 organisations

Improving access to community facilities and allowing schools to supplement their income, at no extra cost.


Largest UK provider

Employing over 400 staff, we are the largest UK provider of dedicated school lettings support


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