For those who see their employment as more than just a job, career progression is a key part of their work. Many people going to work with a ‘glass ceiling’ above them can become frustrated at not seeing a pathway for themselves.

‘I’m working hard, I’m ready for the next challenge, I deserve an opportunity – but do I need to leave my current employer to find this and climb the ladder?’

 As a fast-growing company, career progression is a key part of SLS. In all our sport and leisure roles our teams can see the promotion routes which they can take to push their career to the next level. We believe strongly that when hard-work, talent and opportunity are integrated, the SLS team should benefit and where possible be given the opportunity to prove themselves and progress.

There are many on the SLS team who have come into the business as Assistant Managers and progressed to being Managers within a 12-18 month period.

Similarly, all our current Regional Manager team have been promoted from School Leisure and Sport Manager roles within the business.

We are able to identify that our talent bank of employees and our growth further provides these individuals with the platform to prove themselves at a higher level. We encourage internal applicants for key roles and promoting from within has become part of the DNA of the business. SLS has learned this from being able to recruit some amazing employees from more established companies than ourselves just because the prospective employees know that promotions and opportunities can often be just around the corner within SLS.

However – don’t just take our word for it! Here’s Jamie Mitchell explaining how our career culture has allowed him to go to the next level since joining SLS:


 ‘Hi, I’m Jamie Mitchell and I’ve been a salaried Assistant School Leisure and Sport Manager with SLS since October of 2018. Before that I was an hourly paid Sport and Leisure Assistant (SLA) at Solihull 6th Form College for 18 months under SLS and previously had worked as an SLA for the college directly for nearly 17 years.

 As soon as SLS came in I was made aware of the progression available within in the company and that the pathway was there for me to move up. So, when the position became open at the end of last year I applied and thankfully was successful.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my step up within the company and work with some great guys within the Midlands region. The SLA’s, clients and the overall company are great and I would 100% encourage any SLA out there to put themselves forward for any progression routes that become available.’ 

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