It’s no secret that schools are under increasing financial strains, and one way many educational establishments aim to bridge this gap is by letting out their facilities to the local community.

But, as they say, there’s always room for improvement, and no matter how much extra revenue you’re currently bringing in, there are always ways to generate even more income. The catch though, is that it often requires resource – which we know is a sparse commodity.

So, here are six ways School Lettings Solutions can give your bookings a healthy boost for free:

  1. We take care of the day-to-day

Your priority is, and always will be, the quality of education you provide to your pupils, so taking resource away from that is out of the equation. But without that extra resource, you’re somewhat limited with what you can do – it’s a bit of a catch-22 situation, really.

We rid you of that dilemma though and relieve the strain by taking care of things like taking bookings, opening and closing your premises, and making sure each letting runs smoothly by being onsite throughout each community activity. This enables schools to facilitate more bookings, without worrying about stretching your manpower.


  1. We provide free design work

Being a designer isn’t everyone’s domain, but to market your facilities – with impact – you need standout collateral to do the job.

To fill this void, our experienced design team create bespoke flyers, posters, newsletters and outdoor banners for your school, to showcase your facilities in the local area.

  1. We do the legwork

We don’t just stop at producing and printing your marketing materials. Our team will go one step further by networking with local clubs, groups, businesses and key contacts to ensure all potential community hirers are aware of your school’s facilities – all so you don’t have to.

  1. We spread your reach on social

If you’re not an expert in the arena, social media can be a tough nut to crack. And, even if you’re an expert, it takes all-important time to keep on top of. To take the extra chore off your plate but ensure you still reap all the benefits, we’ll

  1. Set-up a Facebook and Twitter profile for you schools lettings programme
  2. Oversee your account and maintain a regular flow of posts.
  3. Use it to direct message potential hirers of your facilities and engage them in showing your school is true hub for the community.
  1. We put you on our site

Our traffic is your traffic. We promote each and every school on our books on our Venue Searchpage, so you can benefit from an additional mode of exposure. To find you, all visitors need to do is type in their postcode and then all the facilities (including yours) in the surrounding area will pop up on the map.Generate

  1. We take care of the analytics

To continue increasing the revenue you generate from your lettings, you need to be hot on the pulse of things like benchmarking your financial targets, the cleanliness of your facilities, the impact of your marketing activities, and how satisfied the people hiring out your facilities are. But who has the time for that, right?

We know you don’t, which is why our team take over the analytical side of things, to ensure we demonstrate to you that we are squeezing the most out of your space but in a considered and professional way.

The best part of all the ways we can help boost your school’s lettings? It’s 100% free of charge. For more information on our services, get in touchwith the team today on 0330 100 5470or