Whether you’re hosting 5-a-side football training, a crochet club or children’s party, picking the perfect venue is an important part of organising any get together. But knowing where to start can be more difficult than you originally deemed. To help make sure you land the right facilities for your needs, here are five questions to ask when on the lookout for a venue.

 1. Is the facility available on your date?
There’s nothing more frustrating than setting your heart on somewhere, only to find out it’s unavailable. So, as soon as you have an inkling it’s for you, find out the availability.

2. How many people can the facility hold?

 If you’ve got a group of 40 kids but the venue can only accommodate 35, it’ll throw quite the spanner in the works.

 3. Are there any limitations?

 It’s natural that every facility will have their own rules and guidelines, but just make sure they don’t clash with your requirements. For example, if you need the facility every Tuesday evening at 10pm but they don’t allow bookings after 8.30pm, you’ll need to either renegotiate your meet-up time or look for an alternative space.

4. Who will be our main point of contact?

 Whether you’re hiring a facility for a one-off event or regular sessions, clear lines of communication are key to ensure everything runs smoothly.  If you hire through us, you’ll receive the same, dedicated contact from start to finish, so you can be certain there’ll be no confusion.Venue

 5. What access do we have in the run-up?

 If you’re hosting things like a job fair, book sale or netball tournament, odds are you’ll need to prepare the venue ahead of the event’s start time to make sure everything’s set up. If you do, make sure you ask a) if this is possible, b) how long you’ll have, and c) if any additional costs will be involved.

If you’re on the lookout for facilities and need a bit of help, that’s what we do best. To find out how we can support your search today, get in touch with the team on 0330 100 5470 or info@schoollettings.org.