School Lettings Solutions offers schools, academies and colleges a comprehensive management solution when it comes to hiring out their facilities to the local community during evenings, weekends and school holidays; whether you are new to lettings or have existing lettings programmes.

We work hard to relieve the strain of community lettings from the schools we work with so their staff can focus on pupil attainment and day-to-day responsibilities in school. We achieve this by doing all the work for you at no cost to your school!


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“We have been working with SLS who manage our lettings since 2011. During this time, we have seen the income from lettings increase year on year. SLS market and manage the facilities well, removing the administrative burden from the school, allowing us to focus on our core business of education.”
Lynn Hood , School Business Manager, Bishop Rawstorne
SLS have outstanding knowledge of school lettings, they appreciate how schools work and they are respectful of the schools building and premises.
Claire Oates, School Business Manager, Parkside Academy
It is clear that SLS are immersed in the business of schools and have an excellent understanding of our needs. They have kept their promise that the school comes first.
Kath Scott, School Business Manager, Sale High School
They are extremely efficient and professional in their everyday control of the building. Our rooms and halls are left immaculately for teachers to begin teaching the next day.
Tom Power, Assistant Head Teacher, Aston Manor Academy
We have built up a great working relationship, which has improved communication, and has created a positive environment within our community.
Jenny Bailey, Business Manager, The Freeston Academy
We have been working with SLS since 2011 and have been very pleased with the service. Our facilities have been well marketed ensuring maximum income generation.
Paul Cowley, Head Teacher, Bishop Rawstorne CE Academy



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