School Lettings Solutions offers schools, academies and colleges a comprehensive solution when it comes to hiring out their facilities to the local community during evenings, weekends and school holidays; whether you are new to lettings or have existing lettings programmes.

We work hard to relieve the strain of community lettings from the schools we work with so their staff can focus on pupil attainment and day-to-day responsibilities in school. We achieve this by doing all the work for you at no cost to your school!


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“We have been working with SLS who have looked after our lettings since 2011. During this time, we have seen the income from lettings increase year on year. SLS market the facilities well, removing the administrative burden from the school, allowing us to focus on our core business of education.”
Lynn Hood , School Business Manager, Bishop Rawstorne
SLS have outstanding knowledge of school lettings, they appreciate how schools work and they are respectful of the schools building and premises.
Claire Oates, School Business Manager, Parkside Academy
It is clear that SLS are immersed in the business of schools and have an excellent understanding of our needs. They have kept their promise that the school comes first.
Kath Scott, School Business Manager, Sale High School
SLS takes complete ownership of the hire of facilities, handling everything from administration through to billing, while providing the staff on-site, 7-days a week. It’s important that we have a partner we can trust to make sure that everything continues to run smoothly. It’s a hassle-free arrangement and I’d be happy to recommend SLS to other schools looking to maximise the use of their facilities.
Elena Moriatou, Director of Support Services, Aylward Academy
We have built up a great working relationship, which has improved communication, and has created a positive environment within our community.
Jenny Bailey, Business Manager, Outwood Academy Freeston



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Letting out your school space yourself involves a great deal of work and it means your time isn’t completely dedicated to the running of your school. Finding organisations or groups who want to hire your facilities, doing the necessary checks to see if they are suitable and then handling the payment process can be incredibly time consuming and stressful. It’s pretty much a full time job in itself.

Hassle free hire of your school

We provide a full letting solution for schools, academies and colleges when it comes to maximising the use of their facilities to the local community during evenings, weekends and school holidays; whether the school is new to lettings or have existing lettings programmes. We take full responsibility of the lettings so that staff can focus on pupil attainment and day-to-day responsibilities. We do all the work ourselves at no cost to the school.  Our aim is simple –  to allow schools to make the most of their facilities and help provide local communities the access to sport, education and leisure opportunities.

Each school gets their own dedicated team meaning school staff don’t have to be involved, allowing them to focus on teaching and the running of the school.

Hiring and letting out facilities doesn’t have to be a hassle; we have a really simple booking system and schools can keep track of who is using their facilities and for what, using our online interactive website.

Your school comes first

We operate a ‘schools come first’ policy which means you’ll never be unable to use or access your own facilities should you need them. Whether you have a sports day, parent’s evening or after school activity, any conflicting lettings will be rescheduled for you.

We‘ve partnered with countless national sport/health/performing arts/education organisations, including Little Kickers, Badminton England and The Open University, and work with over 200 schools across the country.

Build community relationships

Our aim is to bring communities together. We do this by finding suitable spaces and facilities for local groups and organisations to hire for their activities; such as theatre, sports or charity groups. This then enables local schools and colleges to generate extra income for themselves, whilst having the satisfaction of providing a safe space for young people to learn and grown outside of school hours.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an outdoor sports field, gymnasium or hall to let out, there will be an organisation out there to make use of it! Similarly, if you’re looking to hire any kind of space, we’re sure you’ll find something suitable with School Lettings Solutions.

Award winning

We’re proud to have won awards for the work we’ve done, including Business of the Year in the Bolton and Bury Business Awards 2017 and Best Business Serving Sport in the Sports Business Awards 2017.

So if you’re looking to hire a space for a community activity or you’re a school, academy or college with available space for hire, get in touch to find out more information or start searching for venues today.

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